MedPro Systems® and Porzio Life Sciences partnered to create the leading end-to-end Aggregate Spend solution for the Life Sciences industry.

Identification and Collection

Identify, collect and review HCP spend transactions. Track and integrate expenditures from multiple sources via automated interfaces.

Matching and Aggregation

Data matching, augmentation and aggregation of spend transactions in one central data repository directly against the MedProID® 22M record HCP database.

Interpretation of Regulations

Pre-defined business rules and allocation methodologies based on State and Federal spend regulations, updated as required at no additional cost.

Report Creation

On-demand generation of Spend Management, State & Federal Aggregate Spend, and Federal Samples Disclosure Reports for every reporting period.

Porzio AggregateSpendID® Benefits

Practitioner and Teaching Hospital Matching

  Access Practitioner and Teaching Hospital license information that is obtained directly from over 800 state licensing boards and additional industry sources.

Web-based end-to-end solution

  One solution to manage all US-based state, federal and sample transparency reporting requirements.

Developed and supported by MedPro and Porzio resources

  Porzio AggregateSpendID® is supported by a dedicated team of technical, compliance and support staff that is based in the United States.

Track and integrate expenditures from multiple sources

  Integrate data from multiple data sources to centralize HCP and Teaching Hospital spend.

On-demand generation of compliance reports

  Generate all transparency reports in the correct formats as required by every jurisdiction.

Ad Hoc Reporting, Dashboards and Alerts

  Utilize powerful reporting capabilities to run reports, visualize data and configure alerts regarding compliance initiatives.

HCP Dispute Resolution Management

  Manage interactions with HCPs regarding questions and disputes for allocated transparency spend.

Dedicated Implementation and Support Team

  Every implementation of Porzio AggregateSpendID is completed by a dedicated team of technical and compliance resources ensuring a successful setup is configured.

Simplify Aggregate Spend Compliance with an Internet-based Tracking and Reporting Solution

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