Concur Partner of the Year 2014, 2016, 2017, and 2018

HCP Expense & Invoice Integration with an Automated Data Export to Aggregate Spend Solutions

MedPro Concur Connect – Expense & MedPro Concur Connect – Invoice

MedPro Systems’ industry-leading connectors enable real-time access to the MedProID® database via Concur Expense & Concur Invoice, simplifying accurate HCP data capture for transparency reporting.

Quickly capture all required Healthcare Practitioner (HCP) data in Concur to meet
Open Payments (Sunshine Act) & State Aggregate Spend requirements:

• Name & Address
• State License Number (SLN)
• National Provider Identifier (NPI)
• Specialty & Taxonomy
• Covered State Recipient ID
• Validated Physician List (VPL)

Access the industry-leading MedProID® 22M Record HCP database for all Covered Recipients

• Medical Doctors (Inc. Trainees)
• Doctors of Osteopathy
• Physician Assistants
• Advanced Practice Nurses
• Licensed Practical Nurses
• Dentists
• Optometrists/Opticians
• Chiropractors
• Pharmacy Technicians
• Veterinarians
• Homeopathic
• Naturopath
• Registered Nurses
• Perfusionists
• Podiatrists
• Psychologists
• Pharmacists
• Dental Hygienists
• Social Workers
• Audiologists
• Hearing Aid Dispensers
• Speech Pathologists
• Dietitians/Nutritionists
• Respiratory Care
• Occupational Therapists
• Physical Therapists

Search the MedProID® database from Concur desktop and mobile apps:

• Recipient Name
• License Number
• Medical Designation
• Address Information

MedPro Concur Connect – Export for Aggregate Spend

Eliminate FTP file transfers - automatically export default Concur Expense reports (including ADE files) to Porzio AggregateSpendID® or any Aggregate Spend reporting solution.

Automates the process to extract data from Concur Expense using the latest App Center API technology by Concur and MedPro Systems – it takes minutes to set up!

Professional and Standard Concur Expense versions are supported to obtain the Attendee Detail Extract (ADE) files – critical to the transparency reporting process.

Seamless integration with Porzio AggregateSpendID® for our existing customers – learn more about our industry-leading Federal and State Aggregate Spend Reporting solution!

Why MedProID®

MedProID® is the leading provider of healthcare license solutions to the life science industry. For over eighteen years, the MedProID® suite of products has assisted pharmaceutical and device manufacturers, distributors and other healthcare organizations with practitioner and organization state license validation solutions to meet compliance and marketing needs.

MedPro Systems® was founded for the purpose of providing healthcare license solutions for the pharmaceutical and device industries based upon a powerful combination of licensing data and information technology. The result is the industry-leading license validation solution, MedProID®.

Superior License Data

Quality Software Tools

Premier Customer Service

Exceptional Value

Simplify Aggregate Spend Compliance with an Internet-based Tracking and Reporting Solution

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